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Welcome to our blog, where we will be sharing about books and everything to do with creating and enjoying them. Always exciting!

As this is our very first blog post, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the story behind Tadaa:

As founders, we are a couple who have been in children’s book world for about seven years. One of us is an illustrator; the other one is a designer and the former art director of a children’s publishing house back in our home country, Turkey.

After relocating to Australia, we started to work mostly with self-publishers. First we illustrated their books, then we designed the books that we illustrated. Before too long, we found ourselves doing much more than just illustrating and designing. We received so many What’s next? and How do I publish my book? kind of questions that we started researching  self-publishing services  and walking our clients through the process. We published printed books and e-books on their behalf. We created author websites, book trailers, and Facebook pages.

We were working hard and enjoying it!  Then we thought, why not make it bigger? Cooperate with other creatives, add new services, and make  it official. We found ourselves building Tadaa.

You may say Tadaa is a publisher. Or illustration agent. Or book designer. Or publishing consultant… All of them are kind of true, so we call ourselves “children’s booksmiths.”

Our main focus is creating good-looking children’s books. We call this part “magic,” because it requires a lot of talent, experience, passion, patience, knowledge, and love. All at the same time. Since we have the know-how, we help self-publishers all the way through their journey on the “non-magical” parts, too, such as publishing and printing.

So, that’s the story behind Tadaa. There were not any defined goals,  five-year business plans, SWOT analysis, nothing like that. It was a super-quick decision, just like the ones in the fairy tales. “Should we do it?” “Yes! What are we waiting for?”

Just like magic, we made our dream come true. And now we’re ready to help you do the same.

Bonus Video

Cheers, until the next post…
Tadaa Team

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  • Kathryn

    Congratulations on your first blog post.

  • Megan Higginson

    I love the video. Very inspiring.

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