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Finn’s best friend Ginny is a true book lover.
She curls up and reads from cover to cover.
Will Mr Persnickety help Finn find the perfect book in time for Ginny’s birthday? Would she like a book with loopy llamas, impolite pugs, or dinosaur dung?
Can Finn find the perfect book?
Let’s take a look…

The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book
The Perfect Book



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Author: Jacinta Froud
Illustrator: Gökçe Yavaş Önal
Art Director: Ozan Tortop
Publisher: Jacinta Froud
Booksmith: Tadaa Book
ISBN: 9780646866604 (Hardcover)

The Perfect Book Cat
Jacinta Froud


By Jacinta Froud, Author


The Perfect Book has been through quite a journey since it was first penned in early 2020.

Firstly it was shared for feedback in a SCBWI critique group. It had a number of paid assessments with varying suggestions for improvement by editors. It has been a competition entrant, endured a rhyming assessment and was then sent away for three publisher submissions at different times with crickets in reply. 🦗🦗🦗

The Perfect Book underwent several iterations until it was decided it would be a great candidate for self-publishing. The story was special to me and I knew it would appeal to young people who struggle to find the perfect book in a store or a library and those who want to write for themselves.

Tadaa Book had been on the radar for some time due to their professional approach and calibre of high quality products. The Perfect Book was an obvious choice for self-publishing as it is the type of book that may not have made it past the publishing gatekeepers. It does poke fun at some of the more popular characters from the picture book world!

Once Tadaa were engaged, the process was super smooth. Ozan handled the editing, design and illustration work. I was often asked for opinions and had to make the tough decisions, like how many fingers Mr Persnickety should have! I loved being involved in the design and illustration process and watching the story come to life via Gökçe’s pen strokes. I am forever grateful to Gökçe’s patience in drawing all of those book spines, over and over again!

The communication channels were always open and I loved that like me, Ozan was creating in the cracks of life, often late into the evening.

The tricky part was printing!

Some initial issues with Ingram Spark’s print on demand service caused the cortisol levels to increase, but all’s well that ends well and The Perfect Book is now available at a number of retailers, ready to be placed in the hands of budding readers and young authors.

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