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My Mummy is Evil

“My Mummy is Evil.
She makes me do things I don’t like,
such as going to bed at seven thirty every night, doing my homework, and brushing my teeth.
She says it’s for my own good…

But I know the truth!”

A quirky and fun picture book that shows kids the ‘real’ reason why parents ask them to do things like doing their homework, brushing their teeth, having a bath every day, limiting screen time, and eating a healthy breakfast. A funny story for children and parents to enjoy together.

Cover of My Mummy is Evil
Cover of My Mummy is Evil
My Mummy is Evil
My Mummy is Evil
My Mummy is Evil
My Mummy is Evil



Storyboard of the picture book My Mummy is Evil



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Author: Melissa Gijsbers
Illustrator: Gökçe Yavaş Önal
Art Director: Ozan Tortop
Publisher: Melissa Gijsbers
Booksmith: Tadaa Book
ISBN: 9780648960355 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 9780648960362 (Paperback)

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