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An informative picture book about the responsibilities of living with a dog.

The book was produced by Ipswich City Council, and given away to schools, pet owners and little humans of Ipswich, Australia.

Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever

Author: Nicole Grant & Ipswich City Cuncil
Illustrator: Pinar Cekic
Art Director: Ozan Tortop
Publisher: Ipswich City Cuncil
Booksmith: Tadaa Book
ISBN: 9780646981444 (Paperback)

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Nicole Grant


By Nicole Grant, Author


I was reading a book to my daughter one night about dogs. The book was great, teaching you all of the fun things you can do for your dog however at one point it said to feed your dog pizza. Although amusing, it got me thinking that we need a book that sends the right messages to children about owning a dog. Books are such an easy way to educate the younger generation as it’s repetitive messaging but FUN! We have a program at work where officers talk to students about responsible pet ownership and I thought a book that captured those messages would be a great resource to leave with the class to reinforce our key messages.

I went into work the next day and asked my Manager if I could arrange for a children’s book on responsible pet ownership to be written and illustrated as a resource for Council. After explaining to her how I had come up with the idea she said, “Go on Nic, I think you could write it”. I was a little taken back but then I thought, ‘Why not’?

I was so enthused by this idea that I went home and what should have been a relaxing Friday night at home turned into a night of story writing on my iPhone. I ended up writing it so fast (I think it only took an hour) I then read it to my husband then my sister and then mother. I am not sure they all shared quite the same level of excitement as I did at the time.

I took the story into work the following week and started the process to get the book published. I had no idea where to start therefore I spoke to our library staff who provided me with a few different leads, one of which was a link to the Tadaa website. I emailed their company and received wonderful service throughout the entire process. I dealt with Ozan Tortop who made it so easy for me and guided me through each step. Ozan was thoroughly organised, extremely polite and extremely helpful.

Once the book was printed the big test was reading it to my daughter. I told her mummy had written the book and she was very excited. After I read it I nervously asked: “So what do you think?” She replied, “I love it mummy, can we read it every night?” I felt a huge sense of relief that I had her approval.

Although initially I was inspired by my daughter to write this book my hope is that it will teach Ipswich children (and beyond) about the responsibilities of owning a pet and that your pet is your best friend forever.

Nicole Grant


Best Friends ForeverBest Friends Forever
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