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Would you like to know more about these booksmiths and what they offer? Here are some details. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, you’re always welcome to ask us.

Tadaa Ozan
Tadaa Anil


Tadaa is a team of creatives from around the world. Our large selection of illustration styles belongs to several different illustrators. Most of them have been traditionally published.

As founders, we (Ozan and Anil) are a designer & illustrator couple based in Queensland, Australia.

After separate experiences in advertising, publishing, animation and game industries, our ways came across in a publishing house back in Turkey. As the art director & illustrator team, we started creating children’s books together in 2008. After relocating to Australia, we continued doing what we love to do. Making books for independent authors lead us to found Tadaa in 2013.

We still wear different hats from time to time. When things are not hectic at Tadaa Headquarters, we work with traditional publishers, marketing/advertising agencies and animation companies.

As the booksmiths of Tadaa, our primary job is making the self-publishing journey easier, satisfactory and enjoyable for our authors. Focusing on art direction, illustration, and design, we aim to create great-looking books that can compete with all other beautiful books out there.



The book-making process has several sub-steps. Some authors handle some parts by themselves, some want us to hold their hands. Either case, we’re happy to chat about what you have in mind.

Tadaa Book - Services - Art Direction


These three elements are inseparable and essential of a good-looking children’s book. Also our profession, ambition and passion. So, our services include minimum of these three. Have a look at our range of illustration styles on our Styles page. If you can’t decide which one is the visual soul-mate of your manuscript, we are here to help.

Tadaa Book - Services - Editing


We have editors who’d very well take care of your manuscript but some authors prefer having their own. In any case, we highly recommend having an editor. Why? Read this.

Tadaa Book - Services - Marketing


We can prepare online and offline marketing materials, like bookmarks, posters, postcards, media release sheets, special day images (like the Christmas or Halloween edition of your book character), gifs, book trailers, colouring sheets and much more. You name it. Keep your imagination wild and just tell us your ideas. Unfortunately we don’t bake cupcakes for book launches though.

Tadaa Book - Services - Website


Having an online platform is always a good idea for an author. Not only for selling books, but also for sharing. We create a website that would suit to your needs. We can supply you domain and hosting, as well as custom email accounts. Every project has its own priorities, so let’s talk about your plans first, and the rest will follow.

Tadaa Book - Services - Branding


If you’re publishing your book through your new imprint, we can take care of its branding. Such as its logo, business cards, email signatures, images for social media accounts etc. We can do this for yourself as an author, and/or for your publishing imprint as well.

Tadaa Book - Services - Ebook


Let’s talk about it. Although it sounds cool, having ebook versions of picture books is not always a good idea. We don’t want to take your money for something is not profitable. But if you decide to have one we can help you with creating epub (iOS) and mobi (Kindle) files.

Tadaa Book - Services - Print on Demand


You can do it all by yourself. Seriously, it’s not rocket science. We will give you the relevant information anyway. But if you don’t have time or patience, or you want a professional, we can handle the POD process for you. This includes creating an account on Amazon or Ingram, getting through the approval process, having an ISBN, and applying for Prepublication Data Service (for Australia only).

Tadaa Conveyer Belt
Tadaa Conveyer Belt


Are you a publisher?

No, we’re booksmiths; we don’t publish books. We can help you with the self-publishing process, though. And if you are self-publishing, you’re the publisher. Wow!

What does it cost to create my book? How long does it take?

We don’t know yet. Time and budget depend on every little detail that you desire. Let’s talk about it!

Who owns the copyright of the illustrations?

Our illustrator holds the moral rights but the copyright is assigned to you, you can use the images wherever you like. Nice, isn’t it? But please don’t modify them.

Should I share the money I make through book sales with you?

No. It’s all yours. You pay us in advance and that’s all.

I have tons of money. Can I hire your most expensive illustrator?

Sure. But you don’t want to do that. It’s not about your money, it’s about the soul of your story. Every story has a different soul and it needs a perfectly matched illustration style. So we need to decide the illustration style according to your story, not your wallet.

I have a tiny budget for this book. But I can pay royalties. Does that count?

Nope, sorry. If you sell great and make billions, you won’t want to give us royalties anyway! And we need to pay our talented magic team in advance, not with royalties.

I have illustrations as well. Can you just put the book together for me?

We see illustration, art direction, and design as inseparable components of making a children’s book. So, we don’t work on the books that we didn’t start from scratch. Also, we don’t want to give a birth to a book that doesn’t suit our aesthetic style.

How will I receive the files?

Via Dropbox, Google Drive, Creative Cloud or FTP.

What if I don’t like the finished book?

Of course you won’t like it. You will love it! If you don’t like something, that means it isn’t finished yet.

Are these questions really frequently asked to you?

No, we made them up, of course. But if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

I really like you guys, but I don’t have a story yet. What should I do now?

Write a story! Maybe two!

I am an illustrator. Can I join you?

Why not? Write to us and show us what you’ve got!

I work for a publishing house and I want to use one of your illustrators. Can I?

Let’s talk about that. We like making friends who do what we love to do.

I love one of your illustration styles, but I want to use it for something else, not for a book. Is that possible?

Most possibly, yes. Just tell us what you need.

Tadaa Trampoline
Tadaa Wizard


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