The Tortoise and the Mare by Amc CadyThe Tortoise and the Mare
by amy cady

“H.R. Frog made a mistake. A big one.  A mistake so big his guilt has kept him quiet for many, many years. Until now.

At last this aging reporter knows it’s time to come clean and reveal to you the truth about a most famous race . . .

The truth which will change literary history forever!”


Illustrated by Tadaa Book

Designed and published by Vivid Publishing

32 Pages, Paperback, ISBN: 978-1925209723

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“10 Years of Dedication to Writing for Children”
by author amy cady

The Tortoise and the Mare (A Frog’s Confession) is my first published book and the culmination of over ten years of dedication to writing for children.

The story hit me in a flash of inspiration one day as I thought about the mistakes we all make and the toxic emotions of shame, guilt, and regret. H.R. Frog revealed his awful secret to me in that instant and the fun began!

The story unfolded with a solid rhyming meter and a couple of other little messages—H.R.’s final lesson, Don’t believe all that you read, has so many implications for us all.

The process of bringing the characters to life to the point where they are here and now in book form was an absolute breeze with the amazing services Tadaa provides. I had decided to undertake self-publishing and my publisher Vivid recommended Tadaa. When I saw a few sample pages I knew we had a match. Just a few months later there were drafts in my hand and I finally got to meet my characters just the way I envisaged.

Watching the characters evolve from black-and-white draft to colour to print was like being a parent watching my child grow . . .  And I couldn’t be more proud of the way they have turned out.

Promotion is just being launched, with listings on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and I have been very honored to be invited to some schools for author signings and readings during Book Week this year.

I have several other manuscripts and will most definitely be employing Tadaa services again in the future. Thank you, Anil and Co.


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