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Teddy Where Are You by Paula PanettiereTeddy Where are You
by paula panettiere

“The search for Teddy is on and poor Nina is getting worried. Where could he be?”



Illustrated and designed by Tadaa Book

Published by Tadaa Book and Paula Panettiere

24 Pages, Paperback, ISBN: 978-0992345716

Amazon - Kindle - Facebook - Buy offset edition through the author

“Yay for books about real, cute puppies!”
by illustrator and tadaa booksmith anil tortop

When Paula initially found us she had no idea about the process of making a book, but she had already written a story! The story is about her own cute puppy, Teddy.

Let me put my illustrator hat on:

After she sent us the manuscript, I visited her office for some face-to-face brainstorming. (OK, I admit it, I actually wanted to pat Teddy.) I couldn’t wait to finish the meeting, go home, and start sketching. Only if I could take Teddy with me! There was a great room for illustrations in the story, which is the dream of all illustrators. So I kind of made my own story with the illustrations, and Paula was very happy with that. Her response to my first email was “OMG, I loooooooove it.” I truly didn’t want to come to the end of illustration process of this project. But I had to—mostly because of the jealous designer, who was pushing me constantly, as he also couldn’t wait to work on his part.

Now I’ll put the publisher hat back on:

The book was ready to get published in around 3 months. Although Paula was self-publishing Teddy Where are You? she wanted us to help her during the publishing process. We had some books printed in China. (Fortunately, Paula had an opportunity to get them shipped for free from China to Australia.) These books were intended for local distribution, giveaways, and signed copies. We also wanted to make the book available for print-on-demand through online bookshops and used Amazon distribution channels. So Teddy Where Are You? is available in two different print formats as well as the e-book format for Kindle.

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