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Actually, we created this notebook for ourselves. We storyboard a lot! We tried printing templates on basic A4 and A3 papers. But putting them together, archiving, and carrying them with us all the time was not easy. Oh, and that eye-burning white paper! We tried drawing manually with a ruler on our sketchbooks, but that was too much work. Then we ended up here.

You get the idea: we are sitting on a mountain of storyboard notebooks right now, just like a grumpy dragon sitting on a hill of gold. Unlike that dragon, though, we are keen to share.


Designed by Ozan Tortop

Published by Tadaa Book

128 Pages, B5, ISBN: 978-0-992-3457-4-7


B5 Size (176 x 250 mm)

Smaller than A4, bigger than A5. Ideal to carry in your bag.


128 Pages

Lightweight, but still has plenty of pages for your ideas.


63 Storyboard templates

Your second draft will be better than the first one. Think about the 63rd!


Square - 32-Page PB

The most common picture-book page count.


100 gsm ivory paper

Ivory colour won‘t burn your eyes like bleached white photocopy paper.


Saddle-sewn binding

You, your kids, the neighbour’s dog, even gremlins can’t easily pull apart your notebook, thanks to its highly durable binding.


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