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“Jeremy Overlander and his visiting cousin Tommy Thimble are in for the adventure of their lives as they explore the secrets and spells of the great Outback. Discover Aboriginal rock paintings, visit Australia’s mini Grand Canyon, feed poddy calves, watch out for the bunyip, and spot the native animals. What was that? Hurry! It’s the roar of a forgotten dinosaur hidden beneath an ancient sea-bed!”

Written / Created by Tamara Anne Hogan

Directed, illustrated, designed and animated by Tadaa Book

Narration by David Robson

Music and sound FX design by Mark Braga

Developed by SSA Soft

Funded by Queensland Government - The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

Supported by The Flinders Shire and Southern Gulf Catchements

Storybook App, iOS

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I’ve been a resident of the “big small town” of Hughenden for the last two years. Beyond the friendliness of this magnificent community, I quickly fell in love with the countryside. The sweeping plains, aching blue skies, and basalt hills gripped my heart like many a romanticist before me. Being a writer, contained in a bubble of words and solitude, you can feel limited in the degree to which you contribute to community. I am very aware that smaller places like Hughenden rely on the support of every single person who lives here. In my own way, I wanted to lend a hand. Through story I can share the Flinders Shire with a wider audience, inviting visitors to Hughenden, and more broadly, each town and experience offered by the Overlanders Way. The spirit of the intrepid traveller injects life, funds, and renewed connections into the community, particularly at those times that these regions may be held in the sway of the elements.

But idea and intent is not enough. I needed to leverage storytelling of old into a vernacular understood by today’s kids and families. A storybook app seemed like the perfect medium. A forward-thinking local committee, the Flinders Shire Regional Arts Development Committee, funded through the Queensland Government, together with Southern Gulf Catchments, graciously backed my idea. I am forever grateful to them.

I humbly offer you The Overlander Adventurers. The adorable characters and their sense of fun is contagious. Through them, I hope you hear the call; the call of the wild, beyond the confines and routine of suburbia, to the great Outback beyond.


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