Mum and Dad in the Night by Lynn Van der WagenMum and Dad in the Night
By Lynn Van der Wagen

“Mum and Dad in the Night is a story about children who don’t want to sleep at night, but instead want to play. A baby possum travels everywhere in its Mum’s pouch. When Mum and and Dad possum go out at night, the baby possum wakes and wants to party too! Possums are nocturnal marsupials. The book is ideal for very young readers, with an amusing adult subtext.”

Illustrated and designed by Tadaa Book

Published by Tadaa Book and Lynn Van der Wagen

16 Pages, Paperback, ISBN: 978-0992345709

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“Tadaa’s First Born”
by the booksmiths of tadaa, anil and ozan

Founders and booksmiths of Tadaa, we are a designer-and-illustrator couple who worked on a lot of children’s books together. After many years of experience working for a publishing house, we then illustrated and designed books for self-published authors from different parts of the world. When we found ourselves helping them all the way through their publishing journey, we decided to take things a step further. That’s how the seed for Tadaa was planted.

Long before Tadaa was born, Lynn Van der Wagen was one of the independent authors who approached us with the excitement of having written children’s stories, and looking for an illustrator. We worked together on a couple stories for her. Some were published digitally. Then she came up with the story Mum and Dad in the Night, and we loved it! We illustrated and designed the book. Lynn started investigating publishing options for this lovely story, just around the same time we were thinking about founding Tadaa. So, we thought, why not start with publishing a book we already knew, liked, and made ourselves? We had found each other while we were looking for each other.

Working on this book, we were Tadaa for the first time. We had our first dealings with third parties. We bought first ISBNs. We saw our logo on a book for the first time. For the first time, we shouted out loudly “Tadaaaaaaaa!” So Mum and Dad in the Night indeed is our very first baby, our first achievement. And this is still exciting!

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