Digby’s Moon Mission by Renee PriceDIGBY’S MOON MISSION


“One night, Digby Fixit wakes to find his room in too much darkness! Discovering the moon in a frightful state, he plans a clever mission to bring back the light of night. A children’s picture book, target audience: 2-7 years.”


Illustrated and designed by Tadaa Book

Published by Create It Kids

36 Pages, Hardback, ISBN: 978-0-9923457-3-0   |   36 Pages, Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-646-92771-8

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Since my teenage years I’ve wanted to be a children’s entertainer—to educate via the Arts. I studied at university to become an early childhood educator, with my passions being music and literacy. I’ve held various teaching roles over eight years in the industry, all of which involved implementing or “presenting” others’ work (stories and songs). Following the birth of my first child, I began writing my own stories and songs for children. Some were good; some not, but the passion was there. I wanted the opportunity to “present” my own creations.

Digby’s Moon Mission is the first of my stories that shone. After submitting my manuscript for professional assessment, an experienced editor saw potential in the story and worked with me to refine it. I’d submitted other stories to traditional publishers in the past, and began losing hope that my work would ever reach beyond the notepad. Digby’s Moon Mission was worthy of being brought to life, so I committed to making that happen via self-publishing. I also liked the creative control associated with following this path. And that’s when I met Tadaa Book.

I placed a shout-out for an illustrator on a Facebook authors-and-illustrators page, and Anil directed me to Tadaa’s website. Her message was very informative, friendly, and inviting. I was intrigued and so impressed with their website and services offered, plus their illustrators’ portfolios were gorgeous. Anil’s work in particular was exactly the style I had in mind for Digby.

I began several email chats with Anil about my book plans, and she was very accommodating. Our working relationship is incredibly positive and well-communicated. Anil and Ozan are not only immensely talented, they are honest, highly professional, and willing to assist in any way possible. They made my first-time publishing experience most enjoyable. Even on stressful days, they were there to reassure me and work to fulfill my needs and requests.

I am beyond happy with the work produced by Tadaa. It is five-star, amazing quality. I feel so lucky to have had them bring Digby to life.

I hope to continue our working relationship on the next book in the Digby Fixit series. I’d also love to physically meet them one day!


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